“What is most important about children can be learned only from children”


- G. Landreth, 2012

When my family and I became foster carers some years ago, it provided the catalyst for me to find ways to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and to support the diverse families that care for them. 


My service has a strong focus on the needs of children and their families that are struggling with emotional troubles caused [for example] through domestic violence, bereavement, illness, bullying, neglect or abuse.   


Theraplay can assist with worrying or problematic relational issues, helping families form closer connections.  Children struggling with dysregulation and a variety of other behavioural difficulties can also benefit.  This approach requires work with both the child and their primary care-giver.


Where emotional trauma or stress has been experienced, work with the child using free play or sometimes directed play may be used, whereas creative therapeutic techniques combined with a talking therapy approach may work best for teens and young adults.